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    Exclamation Help! Serious problems with brand-new 115 Suzuki 4-stroke outboard engine

    During the breaking-in (less than 20 hours) on my Suzuki 115 4-stroke engine I had serious problems. The oil ran almost bone-dry and the fourth spark plug was burned to a char. I sent it back to the dealer in Panama City, Panama and they told me the oil pump failed and burned the rings. They replaced the oil pump, rings and oil filter and said it was fixed.

    I had to break the engine in again and it started doing the very same thing within 20 hours of use. Using all the oil it was filled with and more...(it used 1 1/2 quarts in less than 2 hours running!). Spark plugs 1 and 4 are melted and have turned white and silver. But there is no sign of leaking oil anywhere.

    This engine is brand new and using tons of gas and oil. I think I have a lemon. I am worried that the engine has some serious problems that may worsen after my warranty is up and I will be left with a problem engine that I paid $11,000.00 for! I have only a year warranty with 7 months left (the engine sat for more almost 3 months before it could be installed--long story!). I would like the dealer to replace my engine for a new one, but they are not willing. What can I do? This is my first boat (I use it for transportation) and I know nothing about outboard engines.

    Please help! Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Help! Serious problems with brand-new 115 Suzuki 4-stroke outboard engine

    contact the importer or the manufacture (suzuki) . i think you have the right to a new powerhead at least. i think suzuki could not agree more. it's the dealer who should arrange that but its probably a looser.
    in the first case he could claim the powerhead because overhauling is more expensive. an engine which has run with no oil is history.

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    Default Re: Help! Serious problems with brand-new 115 Suzuki 4-stroke outboard engine

    Thank you so very much for your advice. The dealer in Panama City sent a mechanic and he said we need a new engine, but I cannot get the dealer's manager to give me a new engine. He wants to put a new head on it and I don't want that. Do you know how I can contact Suzuki in Japan? I am sick with worry over this and use my boat for transportation. I need help!

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    Default Re: Help! Serious problems with brand-new 115 Suzuki 4-stroke outboard engine

    i would have no problem with a complete new powerhead . that's probably what the importer suggested. if its placed as it should be done , then there's nothing wrong with this solution.
    but better is a complete new engine and i would like to go in discussion with this dealer.
    just try it and if he or suzuki doesn't agree , go for the new powerhead. but be specific in your demands and put it on paper. also the warranty because that needs to be extended.

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    Default Re: Help! Serious problems with brand-new 115 Suzuki 4-stroke outboard engine

    I am writing again because I have had no action whatsoever for my engine problems. The distributor here in Panama City (MotoSuzuki) is the most unprofessional person I have ever met. I was promised a new engine on two occasions (by email) from the dealer I bought the engine from. I was told that the dealer in Panama City agreed to this.

    Now I am told that I will get repairs because the dealer is mad...he said that some guy that my husband and I don't even know said my husband invited him to fight. (Apparently this guys is the dealer's friend, but we don't know!) I know it sounds crazy, but it is the truth. I have emails to back up my story.

    I have no recourse but to contact Japan directly and see if I can get a response. Does anyone know how I can go about this. My warranty is ticking away. I have only a year warranty that started May 23, 2011 and I have had problems with this engine since the beginning. I have had to rent a boat for transportation since July. Please help! I am desperate!

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    Join Date
    Sep 2010
    Jersey Shore

    Default Re: Help! Serious problems with brand-new 115 Suzuki 4-stroke outboard engine

    Contact this dealer here in New Jersey, Browns Point Marine. 1-732-264-7176
    Here is there service dept Email address.

    I am sure they can point you in the right direction.
    My personal opinion, Get rid of the Suzuki and get a Yamaha or a Honda. Even a used Mercury Optimax is better than a Suzuki.

    Dockside Marine Services
    Jersey Shore.
    Let the insanity begin.

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