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    Unhappy Evinrude SE40RPB with no spark

    Hi!, i have an 1997 SE40RPB commercial Evinrude. yesterday pull out the rope of the starter, and started ok... but 2 or 3 minutes later, the engine died. i've checked spark plugs, and i has no spark. then i disconected the shut-off switch, and i tried again, but the same thing. i was thinking about the coil, but it's new!! and the spark plugs also !
    does anybody has an answer for this? THANKS ANYWAY IF YOU DONT!!

    PD: i'm from Argentina, so, apologies for my disastrous English!!

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    Default Re: Evinrude SE40RPB with no spark

    Post this question on the Evinrude/Johnson forum on this site. More folks there are familiar with your engine. In the meantime, it sounds like your stator wire is grounded, which is what happens when the cut-off switch is activated. Where did you disconnect the cut-off switch - at the switch, or at the motor? The wire you want to check most closely is black with a yellow stripe.
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