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    Ok very new to the site and I am looking to see if someone can point me to the right direction. I just got a 7hrspwn eska, model 1707 from father in law. I can not read the recommendations for gas mixtures,and would also like to know basic info? I also think there is a problem with the shifter as when i move the neutral/forward handle, the mechanizm that should be moving to ship the motor into different gears doesnt move that much. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I cant wait to get this antique on the water.

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    The shifter problem is most likely a rust problem "the nuetral clutch" and shift lever dog, turn it up side down and shoot PB Blaster at the drive shaft and soak it, see if you can squirt light oil in there, make sure if this is a twist grip that the grip is in the shift position or you will be locked out of shifting, if you don't never mind, if it is and has no markingsyou can feel your way to it withe the TG

    These people are Authorized resellers of Eska parts http://www.boatsportandtackle.com/servlet/StoreFront I have no affiliation other than having done business with them several times, good people to deal with. I strongly recommend that you buy a parts manual, Eskas are easy and you can extrapalate from the parts diagrams... I don't think I would wast money on a shop manual, but find the Tecumseh carb and engine manual floating around here or there you will need that. and its around....just ask

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    Thanks for all the info MRCrabs, I really appreciate the help and all the info.

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