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    Question Oil injection system removal

    Oil injection system removal - I wanna know if I need to use block off plug (dummy shaft) on a 2005 Mercury 200XL Saltwater (with carbs) to hold the brass bushing at the end. I know that this is an issue in older model and I just want to confirm this for a later model. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Oil injection system removal

    last time I bypassed the injection was on an 89 50 hp mariner, the hose that went from the bottle to the pump I put a piece of brass and hose clamp to make sure the pump did not suck air, hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Oil injection system removal

    I'm not sure how your oil injection is set up but here is how I was able to bypass the system on my 1995 115...dont know if it will work for your motor:

    As to the conversion to premix,,,,disconnect the oil feed line from the "Y" shaped fuel line and block that passage or eliminate the "Y" altogether. Extend the oil feed line and run it back into the oil tank from the top. This will allow you to see how satisfied you are running the premix and enable you to switch back to the stock system if not. The oil will continue to pump and the pump will not need to be removed.
    If your system is setup differently, disregard this advice

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