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    Default 6 hp evinrude 2 stroke Model E6RCUD

    I'm wondering if any of you can help with a diagnosis with my kicker engine. Today, while trolling in salt water, the engine suddenly changed the sound it was making (slightly, but enough to notice) and died. Would not restart after 3-4 pulls. <br>I noticed the cover felt hotter than normal and that steam was coming of the pee hole. Up to that point it was peeing water like normal. I tilted it up, rowed to shore and about 20 minutes later dropped it back down and restarted it. <br>All seemed okay, water peeing out, noise normal. I went back to trolling, but this time I kept checking the temp of the water coming out of the pee hole...it was not a steady temp, but kept bouncing between cool and hot, otherwise normal sound and operation. <br>After about 10 minutes running time, it died again, the cover was hot and steam came out of the pee hole again. Rowed to shore again...checked water intake...seemed clear...no other obvious issues when the cover was removed. <br>This motor is used infrequently, maybe only 5-10 times a year...the rest of the time it is stored upright in a barrel in a garage.<br>My preliminary diagnosis is either a blown head gasket or maybe a malfunctioning thermostat...what do you think? <br>Thanks.

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    Default Re: 6 hp evinrude 2 stroke Model E6RCUD

    How old is the impeller ??---------They need to be replaced on a regular basis.---------------Head gasket ??-------Do a compression test !

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    Default Re: 6 hp evinrude 2 stroke Model E6RCUD

    I very recently had the exact same issue on my 6 HP 1989.
    It was the thermostat. It had literally come apart blocking water passages.
    Also as raceone says, if the impeller hasn't been replaced in a while, do it.

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