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    Default 115 yamaha oil leak from carb

    I have 1986 115 hp yamaha oil injection.
    It runs fine but when I tilt the motor up injection oil from the tank reservoir attached to the motor leaks oil into only ONE TOP carb. The oil draned the whole tank. IT RUNS OUT THE CARB INTO THE COVER
    This happens with motor off and parked. Again if motor left level it doesnt happen

    Anyone know what causes that. The yamaha mechanics didnt know and I already spent 300 bucks at Hastings marine for smoke from the engine and now found this. Is there a check valve somewhere ?


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    Default Re: 115 yamaha oil leak from carb

    boats.net -----------------see if part #10 is actually a check valve ---------Maybe check the one on the offending cylinder on your motor.------------Compare it to one of the others.

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    Default Re: 115 yamaha oil leak from carb

    I cant tell from the picture. There are joiners in all the hoses but I looked at one and they are not valves. Real strange that the other three carbs dont have oil leak out when the motor is tilted (for parking at dock or towing) Is there possibly a check valve in the oil pump for each cylinder (4 hoses come out of oil pump) Motor is off and it still drains obviously by gravity as tilting puts the oil reservoir higher than th carbs....any other suggestions...........??? Oil leaks from behind the carb as I can see where the oil hose goes onto the housing behind the carb flaps (back set) I am really puzzled !!!

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    Default Re: 115 yamaha oil leak from carb

    For what !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: 115 yamaha oil leak from carb

    I have added a piece of hose inthe one that keeps pouring oil in when tilted. When I tilt it now I just pinch off the hose with a clamp so no oil goes to motor. Just have to remember to take clamp off before running,
    I figure this is a bit off a pain but no mechanic out there including the 3 at the marina had a clue so far. I am not replacing things until I run out of cash
    This works and I dont mind having to take thecover off the motor when I have to tilt it high

    I know its only the one hose as I tested each one

    Hope this helps a few others even though I am not a mechanic

    Who ever sent the Gucci reply needs to get with the program and go to the clothes forum.


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