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    Default 1985 Mercury 50HP starting problems

    Hi, I have an old 4 cyl. 1985/1986 Mercury 50HP, I believe it is the type ELPT. I have recently brought it up to date by replacing failing fuel lines, put in a fuel filter, replacing one of two fuel pump gasket kits and replaced the switch box.
    It worked fine this spring, but is now giving me a hard time starting it. When it starts, it's all good and normal, but to get it to start takes too much cranking. I drain the battery too much for each start, and it is simply a bad feeling, not being able to rely on the motor starting when I want it to. Being warm, the motor starts quickly.
    I use a bit more than idle throttle, choke, and prime the bulb until hard (requires more than 5 squeezes, though.) After cranking a few times, the bulb is no longer hard. The bulb is new. Usually I sqeeze it again, and repeat this procedure quite a few times until the motor slowly begins to take for it, and finally starts. As it starts, I think it is not raw - it does not smell petrol and it does not smoke much more than normal.
    I have been thinking that maybe the choke (or enrichener) valve may not be working properly. The solenoid does - I can hear it clearly. The bulb, however, puzzles me. It obviously pumps petrol, but why it drains so quickly and still the motor seems like it is not getting petrol, is strange.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Sep 2003
    New Tripoli, PA, USA!

    Default Re: 1985 Mercury 50HP starting problems

    IF those carbs have the enrichener system, it may need cleaning--the circuit can get dirty and not flow fuel. Also, this system requires that you do NOT use a lot of idle up--it doesn't work with the throttle advanced.

    If the carbs have a conventional choke, the choke blades need to close TIGHT or they don't do much.


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    Default Re: 1985 Mercury 50HP starting problems

    Thanks for the quick answer! The carbs definately have the enrichener system.What do you think about the bulb, then - is that normal?Torfinn

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    Sep 2003
    New Tripoli, PA, USA!

    Default Re: 1985 Mercury 50HP starting problems

    Normal. Check to see if the enrichener linkage and solenoid is moving the carb levers up as it should. And don't use hardly any throttle at start up. If none of these fixes work, the carbs will need to be pulled and cleaned.


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    Sep 2010

    Default Re: 1985 Mercury 50HP starting problems

    The manual fuel pump ( falsely called a primer ) does not stay hard !!---------------Nor does it have to.

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    Jun 2011

    Default Re: 1985 Mercury 50HP starting problems

    If you have a fuel enrichener system then push the key in while cranking. This will get more gas into the combustion chambers when cold to help starting quicker.

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