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Thread: 305K GM Engine

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    Default 305K GM Engine

    Need to find a technical manual for a 305K GM inboard engine. Have a 1982 Chris Craft in need of repair. Would appreciated any help or information on where to find one.
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    Default Re: 305K GM Engine

    Lisa, I'm sure that one of the CC guys will chime in with a link to a manual for you.
    Meanwhile, just was is it that you need re; the 305K engine?
    Some engine related questions do not necessarily relate to Chris Craft alone.

    Side note: here is what MM shows for a replacement 305K engine... but is much later than 1982.

    BTW, if having one built, the 5.7L can usually be built for less than the cost of building a 5.0L.
    (305K = 5.0L)

    Rick ... aka Ricardo..... AQ series Volvo Penta repair
    Portland, Oregon
    28' SDN F/B w/ twin Volvo Penta 5.7L DP's

    Please... no PMs!
    I would prefer email .... jenery (at)

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    Default Re: 305K GM Engine

    Just trying to see if the present engine can be repaired and not break the bank to start. But I appreciate the info. Good to know.

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