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    Default 3 bladed prop vs 4 bladed prop?

    Hi everyone, have a question about 3 bladed vs 4 bladed prop, whats the difference as far as performance. Heard that a 4 bladed could slow you down a bit , is this true? Thanks!

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    Default Re: 3 bladed prop vs 4 bladed prop?

    I have the same question , but I have heard that a 4 blade gets the boat on plane quicker .... I dont think it will be slower than a factory prop .... no flex in the stainless steel alone will make it better than stock .IMO

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    Default Re: 3 bladed prop vs 4 bladed prop?

    The 4 blade prop will get you on plane quicker if your boat weight is heavy or loaded near max. You might lose 1 or more mph. by using a4 blade. I don't recamend stainless if the usage is on water that is other than a lake, because if one hits a submerged obstical the chances of lower unit damage increse and the cost of a lower unit repair can be expensive.

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    Default Re: 3 bladed prop vs 4 bladed prop?

    I have a 175 pro XS. They don't make aluminum props for my motor. I'm stuck with stainless.

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