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    Default propulsion reseal of Milwaukee

    I have come across a very early jet outboard motor manufactured by Propulsion Reseal of Milwaukee. I may be wrong about the Reseal part. The only markings on the motor are on a small plate on the front of the motor. Motor is very early and definitely propulsion. I have a pic I can forward if needed. Can't find any info on the internet......Thanks in advance for any help...

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    I have a similar motor. Mine says Sterling Jet Troller P300 on the sides of the case. It was made by Precision Research of Milwaukee. You might look at http://dan-collins.********.com/2011...-outboard.html to see pictures of a similar motor. Also go to http://dan-collins.********.com/2011...-outboard.html.

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    Default Re: propulsion reseal of Milwaukee

    Sorry, I couldn't copy and paste the URL for Dan Collins page. Try clicking on this or copy and paste this into your browser. http://dan-collins.********.com/2011...-outboard.html

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    Default Re: propulsion reseal of Milwaukee

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    Default Re: propulsion reseal of Milwaukee

    Matbe you can find this page if you do a Google search for Starling Jet p-500

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