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    Default 1963 Evinrude sportwin 10 hp

    Just got this motor going after sitting for several years after doing lots of reading on this site as I am a newbie to boat motors I have learned that I should replace the coils on this motor. I put a new carb kit in it as it was full of old gas. I had it running briefly and it seams to die out after a bit it is very hard to start as well. I have read about a inspection plate but my motor does not have this if I take the pull starter of I see A round ring and a nut after taking those off I still cant see in there so I have tried to pull top off with a gear puller and it is very hard to come off am I missing something I thread the three holes with 3.5" long 1/4" bolts and gear puller but it wont budge and I do not want to break it. If the motor runs can the coils still be cracked ??? Or could they be cracked and the points are worn I think that they are the original 63' parts in there, can I use heat to try to get it off???

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    The flywheel does take a good deal of pressure before it will pop loose. When it does come off it will jump up. If there was an inspection hole it would be covered by the plate shown on page 6 in http://www.marineengine.com/parts/vi...7844400001.htm Do you have spark on both cylinders? If the points are dirty from sitting the can be cleaned or replaced. The coils could be cracked and still function but out on the water is not the time to regret not replacing them. They could be several different colors depending on the source they were acquired from. I have seen black, green and maroon. Regardless of color they should be somewhat shiny and not cracked. Since you had it running but it died and is hard to start chances are you need to go through the carb again and readjust the needles. Setting the slow speed can be done in a barrel and the high speed should be done at WOT on the water. Look at this post (number 6) by joereeves for good instructions. http://www.marineengine.com/boat-for...dle+adjustment

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    Thanks so much for the links I thought the same way I have had this thing on a saw horse ripped apart in my backyard and have come along way from when I first discovered the castings in the carb blocked with like white rock it took two days just to finally get a wire poked through the white stuff and now that I have had it running I am very eager to go try it out but I keep thinking spend the 60 bucks and put new points and coils on it. I have rebuilt the carb replaced the pawl and found the rope was two feet short and was causing the pulley to jamb up. So I am going to try a little heat and try to pop the pulley off and go from there.

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    Thanks to all for the help I got the flywheel off and you were right it just popped of I thought it broke my gear puller but no it shot off like it was spring loaded. It was on there so tight that I thought for sure I would find to my surprise 1 coil was replaced and fine and the other was really cracked up.

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