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    Default motor dies at idle when hot

    I have an 1989 85 hp force, starts fine, runs great at wot, but when dropping back to idle she stalls out and very hard to start. once restarted will not idle. I adjusted carbs and timing to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: motor dies at idle when hot

    First reset the timing to specs.No such thing as setting it by ear/touch or the wag system(wild a%# guess).Get a manual.
    You mess with the air screw? Turn screw in till it just bottoms(gently) then out 1 and 1/16th turn.
    The idle should be 750-800 in gear and warm.
    Idle adjustment is with the towershaft.No other way.
    Check the pump diapham.The float levels.Check for water in the gas.
    Do a compression/spark test.
    How old is the waterpump? It might not be keeping it cool enough?J
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