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    Join Date
    Jul 2011

    Question 4.5 evinrude 1980

    pull rope doesnt engage every time . changed 2 parts same problem .any help?

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    Jun 2011
    SA Tx

    Default Re: 4.5 evinrude 1980

    I had a little evinrude like this years ago and had the same problem!!I dont remember the proper name for the little parts,but they do work off centrifugal force.When you pull the rope the little catches,or dogs exspand and grab inside the pully your rope is on.Either you have the wrong parts or they were somhow installed wrong.Buy a manual,it is well worth it.If you did not buy all new parts for your pull rope,you might want to because if where it engages is worn a little it can make it do what you are describing.Let me know what you find.

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