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    Default 1988 125hp Bayliner Cuddy Cabin

    I just bought a 1988 Bayliner Cuddy Cabin boat, and I have a couple of Questions I need help with.

    What is the correct propeller pitch and diameter for this boat. The person we got it from said the original prop broke and he replaced it with whatever fit. He said originally the boat would go 38mph but now it will only go 30mph.

    Also, what will the boat do with the skeg broken? The boat leans to one side and you have to let out of the throttle to straighten it back up. Would the broken skeg cause that?

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    Default Re: 1988 125hp Bayliner Cuddy Cabin

    It is very possible!

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    Default Re: 1988 125hp Bayliner Cuddy Cabin

    We need to know what size prop you currently have, and what your RPM's are at wide open throttle...

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