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    Default 1990 PCM 351C missing under load when hot

    Is there anyone out here that might be able to give some advice on what to try to fix my problem?

    I have just changed the coil, points, disributor cap and rotor on my boat. It starts up just fine, runs well for a little while but after about 15 minutes at +- 3,000 rpm, the engine begins to miss and loses power to the point where it'll stallout when put into gear.

    I have re-checked the point gap and thought I had it fixed but am experiencing he same problem.

    Any idea's?

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    Default Re: 1990 PCM 351C missing under load when hot

    Your points should actually be set using a dwell meter. Point "gap" is an estimate ONLY of correct dwell.
    (see your OEM specs for this)

    You'll need to learn whether or not your coil requres resisted voltage, or an internally resisted coil.
    A coil that may have an incorrect supplied voltage (too great), may over-heat, causing what you describe.

    You have an ignition system that is twenty + years old.
    Perhaps it's time for an upgrade to a complete electric triggering ignition system.

    Just a thought!

    Rick ... aka Ricardo..... AQ series Volvo Penta repair
    Portland, Oregon
    28' SDN F/B w/ twin Volvo Penta 5.7L DP's

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    Default Re: 1990 PCM 351C missing under load when hot

    Hi RicardoMarine,

    Thank you for the tips. I have since changed the condenser on the distributor as well as the fuel filter but ran out of time and have yet to try it.

    I take your point about an electronic ignition. Thanks for the help. I'll poat a note once I see whether the latest changes make a difference.


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