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    Default Question: water inlet hose

    Need a question answered I have to replace the water inlet hose. Do I have too remove the transom in order too replace it. It's on a 92 alpha 1 .. Plus how many hours does it take to do it?

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    Default Re: Question: water inlet hose

    Ayuh,... The "water inlet hose" from the drive to the transom is under the gimbel housing, which needs to come off...
    The "water inlet hose" from the transom to the T-stat housing is all done inside the boat...

    Why are ya changin' it,..??
    If the 1 outside the boat is rotten, 'n leakin',...
    The rest of the bellows, 'n the shift cable aren't far behind it in Failing...
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Default Re: Question: water inlet hose

    Well we took it in too just have the gimbal bearing replaced and the seen that the hose was cracking.. So we had it replaced said they had to remove the transom too put the hose back in.. Said it took 4 hrs to do..

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