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    Can someone please help me with description/photos?
    I have a Tomos 4hp air cooled and i removed the small infill plate at the front where the stop buttong is and off popped two white wires. One comes from the back of the stop button and has an eylet crimp on the loose end and the other loose wire comes from a plastic connector block under the carb and is also white. As i didnt see where the wires were connected before they popped off i dont know where to re-connect them. can someone please guide me so that i can run my engine again?
    Also i had been running my engine on a 4% 25:1 mix of dedicated twc3 outboard 2 cycle as the manual i have mentions 25:1 but i believe i should be using 50:1 in this dedicated oil as i have checked the plug and it is blackened, am i correct?

    Finally when i squeze my priming bulb i can get fuel leak out of the brass screw/plug at the rear of the carb next to the engine, it has no head on it so i dont know if it is screwed or pressed in but it will leak fuel if i squeeze the priming bulb???
    Thanks in advance for your help


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    If I remember right 50:1 was for running in and 100:1 after that, but I would stick to 50:1.
    Also two types of carb's on the Tomos4, would need more info, as I do have manuals.

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