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    Default Fuel Problems ? Help ??

    Well...as I said in an eariler post...my 1982 sea ray has been sitting for 9 years. Decided to put it in this summer, one prob after another and this is the latest..Was not running well, probs holding an idle, stalling. a friend suggested changing the gas. we connected a portable tank it seemed to run fine on land. I decided to have the onboard tank professionally emptied. i refueled with about 25 gals. still stalling...cant hold an idle...the same friend recommended changing the water seperating fuel filter. I did that and it seemed to run better...now its doing it again...my bud said might have to empty that filter a couple of times. Not to mention the Carb isnt in the best shape. Any Suggestions ??? Thanks Guys...

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    Default Re: Fuel Problems ? Help ??

    It's not the boat that has the problem it's the engine. what type of engine do you have? Did you check the fuel filters from in the take to the carb?
    Provide more information and then maybe you can get more answers to your question.

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    Default Re: Fuel Problems ? Help ??

    the filter in the fitting that enters the carb needs cleaning over and over till the fuel is clean.

    the fuel pump have a filter in it ? And yes keep dumping the fuel water sep.

    Finally the carb may have to be cleaned out over and over for a few weeks till it's all clean.

    Just don;t get any carb cleaner on any rubber or you will be looking for new ones.

    Just disassemble soak and then clean all the holes and remove the jets.

    Mine after getting the motor running aftersitting for eight years i just kept at it till it ran strong.

    Meaning the carb was takin apart and cleaned 3-4 times i can't remember.

    Below is a copied and pasted post i made on a different website:

    posted August 11, 2010 04:45 AMAugust 11, 2010 04:45 AM ok the idle circuit is still clogged.

    Get yourself down to a auto parts store, get a can of berrymans carb soak comes with a screen in the can, like a deep fryer.

    Also get a can of compressed carb cleaner.And a carb rebuild kit.

    With a clean area on a table or bench i place a old cookie sheet with sides.

    Break down the carb and remove all the rubber.

    Remove the jets they should just screw out.

    Everything goes into the berrymans, let soak for a few hours.

    While it's soaking turn your attention to the motor.

    Remove the fuel pump from the motor, the screen clean, all hoses good no cracks.

    Re-install the fuel pump, and remove the t-stat, that good, i would replace it.

    ok time to drain and refill the lower drive.

    Well it should be a couple hours a beer and a little work another beer and a little more work hell might be 5 hours who knows.

    Remove the parts from the berrymans, start with the lower carb housing and blow it dry with compressed air, it clean?

    Piece by piece build it, make sure every passage is clean blow it dry and use compressed can carb clear blow it dry again.

    Jets clean, Float, floating no gas in it ?

    Push the float under water and if you see bubbles it's time to replace it.

    Ok when you install the pin in the forks that hold the float are they pressing on the float tounge and not allowing the float to move freely ?

    So if you did your job correctly the carb should operate freely, and when you install the adjustment screws be gentle.

    Do not bend the tips. All the way in with them gently and out 2 turns to start.

    Final adjustment on the water.

    Have someone else drive about 2000 rpm maybe a little more and you do the final adjustment.

    If you take your time and there are no distractions, you should be ok.

    Good luck !
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    Default Re: Fuel Problems ? Help ??

    Any Suggestions ???
    Ayuh,... Clean ALL of the fuel system, before ya blow the motor from detonation....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Default Re: Fuel Problems ? Help ??

    Hello PeterCris
    You mentioned that it seemed to run fine with the portable tank. I wonder if there is a pickup in your problem tank that is a partially blocked. I also wouldn't trust someone because they area professional, we are all human and make mistakes. Is there an additive that might be able to mix every thing together in the tank.
    Good Luck - It will be fun when you do get it fixed.

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    Default Re: Fuel Problems ? Help ??

    I agree!!! Check to see if there is a screen on the end of the fuel pick up tube in the tank. That was my problem that I discovered after spending a lot of money on a Elc. fuel pump and pressure regulator. Start from the simple inspections first.

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    Default Re: Fuel Problems ? Help ??

    I was thinking the fuel pick up too...maybe..lol...thanks guys...all great suggestions. and thanks Chief...I do think i need to reuild the carb as well..

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    Default Re: Fuel Problems ? Help ??

    is the stone the fuel filter in the pump

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    Default Re: Fuel Problems ? Help ??

    is the stone the fuel filter in the pump
    Older model mechanical fuel pumps used a stone type fuel filter in the pump "dome" while the replacement filter is a fibrous type. If the fuel pump is original it probably is full of crud due to sitting and age. The internal diaphragms are suspect due to its age---1982. Gas turns to varnish when it ages and when it evaporates it leaves a brown sand like substance that gets into the entire fuel system past the pump. Check the transparent hose going from the side of the pump leak vent nipple to the carb venturi. I'll bet the diaphragm leak vent nipple on the side of the pump is also plugged w/varnish. For the money I would replace the 1982 pump unless you can find a rebuild kit.

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    Default Re: Fuel Problems ? Help ??

    Chances are, with a motor sitting for 9-years, you may need to have carb rebuilt.

    You can try using Sea Foam treatment in the 'portable' gas container. Mix 2 oz to a gallon. Run for about 10-min, make sure engine gets up to temp. Shut 'er down and let it sit for about 10-min, and then start motor again for about 10-min.

    You can also get Sea Foam spray, and with motor running, spray conservatively into the carb or throttle body, keeping the motor running.

    You will have an abnormal amount of exhaust smoke, but this is normal. The Sea Foam works on liquifing oil varnish residue deposits to clear passages and restore normal functionality. Also helps in neutralizing moisture in the fuel, and preventing issues with Ethenol in the blended fuel widely used now.

    You also have a filter at the base of the inlet fuel line at the carb - remove and soak this or better yet, buy a couple and keep replacing to see if this helps.


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