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Thread: 1983 70 hp merc

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    Default 1983 70 hp merc

    i presently own a 1971 50 hp merc and i am trying to find a source for a set of new wires cap and rotor i am also looking at buying a 70 hp merc three cylinder serial number 7146069 not sure of year it is a canadian motor and i was wondering if this motor is a good buy or if there were any problems with this model

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    Default Re: 1983 70 hp merc

    Don't buy it until YOU see the results of a compression test on the top cylinder. Should be at least 130 pounds (150 preferably). A half dozen or so of these have come through my shop, and only one had a good top cylinder.


    PS: If you do buy it, let me know. I have tricks to keep them alive.

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    Default Re: 1983 70 hp merc

    thanks for the reply i appreciate the help

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