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    I have a 15hp Gamefisher Model 225-581500 s/n 1190. Motor started and run good, but there is no p-stream or mist out the two holes in the middle back of the leg. I run the motor about 3 minutes and the head recorded a temperature of about 225 F. How hot would the head temp. be under normal conditions? The water pump is good, every thing is open below and when air is blowen up the water tube it comes back down the inside of the leg. Also what year is this motor? I'm a first timer, so thanks for any help

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    try looking at the thermostat. There should be two screws where the water should come out from the impeller. Put the stat in pot of hot water to see if it opens also flush out the hole it came from with a garden hose

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    thanks for the info..

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    I have the same model gamefisher it's 1988 mine doesn't have a tell tale (pee hole) pretty sure the water comes out the exhaust at least mine does

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