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    Default Can't seperate the power head from the lower unit

    Hello All

    I have an Eska 7.5 and the engine runs great. When I took the cover off everything looked brand new. My prop doesn't turn when its in the water. I first took the bottom off the lower unit and discovered that when the prop turns the shaft going up also turns. I then discovered that the shift arm has a broken linkage because everything fell out when I dropped the bottom.

    I need to get at the shifter arm and linkage and the only way I can see to do that is to seperate the power head from the lower unit. I have removed all of the (6) funky star type bolts holding them together but I can get them apart.

    I can see a small gap but it seams like something is still holding them together. I can not figure out what it is or how to free it up.

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Can't seperate the power head from the lower unit

    Take look on the starboard side of the leg, maybe 3/4 of the way down, you'll see a little plate held on by 2 screws - , Take the plate off and look inside - there's bolt head in there that ties the upper and lower shift linkage together. Loosen the screw, and put the shifter in neutral. Make sure the prop spins freely with the shifter in meutral, then tighten the screw, and try to shift it. That screw has to be removed if you want to remove the power head, but it's there to adjust the shift linkage.

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    Default Re: Can't seperate the power head from the lower unit

    I was able to get the power head off and found everything related to shifting either bent or broken. So I rigged it up direct drive be forcing the clutch to stay engaged. I removed the verticle shift rod at the very bottom and installed a piece of copper pipe over the connection point I then held the shaft up drilled a hole in the pipe and put a bolt threw it to keep the clutch engaged at all times. I haven't put it back together to try it out yet. After a test run I'll give a full report.

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    Default Re: Can't seperate the power head from the lower unit

    Wow, theirs a name for that kind of engineering but I can't thank of it now....Oh yeah now I remeber...good old Yankee ingenuity

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    Default Re: Can't seperate the power head from the lower unit

    Truthfully my ingenuity was driven by money and laziness. I didn't want pay the money for, nor, take the time to locate all the parts to put the ole girl back together proper like. But I'll take the credit for be ingenious, thanks! Well, I'm off to save the world with my ingeniouseness (is that even a word?).

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