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    Default Detroit 671 TIB Intercoolers

    Looking for help to find the best cleaning solution to use for cleaning the intercooler fins.

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    Place the complete cooler assembly into a degreasing {mineral spirits} tank in order to remove any soot and greasy oil accumuations from the air side of the cooler. Blow dry with compressed air.

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    Thanks marv.

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    Default Re: Detroit 671 TIB Intercoolers


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    I have just ben browsing through some of the posts here, my interests lie with the charge air cooler (intercooler) subjects. I notice you have posted a question regarding cleaning the charge air cooler fins, may I suggest you contact a company called Vestas aircoil A/S in Denmark (www.vestas-aircoil.com). They design and manufacture large diesel engine charge air coolers, they also have a cleaning facility in Denmark. I am sure they will be able to advise.

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    Just as a point of reference here....

    There are THREE types of "air coolers" (heat exchangers) typically associated with diesel engines.

    The first is the "Charge Air Cooler" (CAC)...This is located behind the air filtration assembly and just AHEAD of the turbocharger(s). It is used to reduce the ambient air temperature BEFORE it enters the turbocharger(s)

    The second is the "Intercooler"...This is located BETWEEN the turbocharger(s) and the engine air inlet housing. It is used to reduce the temperature of the air LEAVING the turbocharger(s).

    The third is the "Aftercooler"...On a Detroit 2 cycle engine it is located UNDERNEATH the blower (supercharger). It is plumbed into the engine's cooling system and is used to cool the incoming air FROM BOTH the turbocharger(s) AND the roots blower.

    Often, a Charge Air cooler and and an Aftercooler are both utilized together to cool the engine's air supply. The same is true of the Intercooler and an Aftercooler. Very rarely are all three utilized together but it has been done.

    I believe you might have good success using air conditioning condenser or evaporator coil cleaner to clean your intercooler's coils and fins. There are some very effective "no rinse" products available for doing this as long as you pay attention to the compatibility instructions about types of metal and keeping the cleaner off of plastics and painted surfaces. This would be true as well for a Charge Air Cooler (CAC)

    If an Aftercooler needs cleaning, it will be necessary to remove it from the engine and use a "hot tank" type of cleaning method such as is used by radiator repair facilities.

    Good luck.

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