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    Jun 2011
    South Texas

    Smile Fuel Pump for BF115

    Did Honda re-design their fuel pump assembly? I have a 2000 bf115 and the site I am looking at says the part is obsolete, but does have another part number to order. Thanks in advance.

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    Mar 2009
    Cincinnati, OH USA

    Default Re: Fuel Pump for BF115

    If you are talking about the high pressure fuel pump. If yours is located below your vapor separator like this one ,
    that whole assembly was supposed to be changed out years ago to a vapor separator with the high pressure fuel pump inside of it. The vapor separator, several hoses, water separator and fuel rail are all updated or added. The part number for the kit is 06167-ZW5-305. It runs about $380 retail.

    The old pump had failure problems especially if they got water in it.

    If it is the low pressure pump, there appear to be only 4 in stock in the country. I do not know of a substitute. If you are being told there is one, let us know what it is.


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    Jun 2011
    South Texas

    Default Re: Fuel Pump for BF115

    It is the vapor separator. Thank you for the information and quick reply. I did order the new separator and the boat is at the shop now. Thanks again.

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