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    Angry 88 bayliner capri 2.3 ford

    Take boat to lake start up head across lake at 25mph or whatever that is in knots. get going pretty steady motor just dies. Won't restart has done this twice has something to do with ignition. Let it set a day or so starts does it again.I know this not much info but would appreciate any suggetions, mechanic says he can't figure it out. Seems like some part is getting hot and then shutting down. Has new points cap and rotor, but no spark after it shuts down.

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    Mar 2008
    Manalapan, nj, usa

    Default Re: 88 bayliner capri 2.3 ford

    get a new mechanic and tell the new guy to look at the coil.

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    Default Re: 88 bayliner capri 2.3 ford

    we replaced the coil also left out that part sorry

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    Jul 2010

    Default Re: 88 bayliner capri 2.3 ford

    Voltage at the coil?

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    Default Re: 88 bayliner capri 2.3 ford

    so I take the boat to a different local shop , man says he is 2 weeks behind. Told him about my problem he says sounds like coil but you replaced that so try the condenser thoe are the only two things electrical that can heat up and go out . Which i did . The boat started right up and I ran it around for awhile it started to run a little rough then shut down again this time everything went out exceot the power trim. No ignition no lights, gauges, no fire so what ever caused the prev condenser burn up did so itself. ALso when I touch the test light bat neg to positive it is very bright but bsttery neg to coil positive very weak. HELP !!!!!

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    May 2010
    DC Burbs/Maryland Eastern Shore

    Default Re: 88 bayliner capri 2.3 ford

    Check your grounds and all your electric connections for corrosion.
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