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    Default 1976 Clinton 3.5 hp and 1976 Eska 4 hp motors for sale

    The Clinton runs and is in good shape, needs carb cleaned and maybe points replaced, the Eska does not have spark but as good compression and is also in good shape. Both are complete and in good condition, just have been sitting for a while. Lower units seem fine, props fine, etc. I will sell them both for parts or restore for $100 OBO. I'll try to add pictures later. Located in West Michigan

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    Default Re: 1976 Clinton 3.5 hp and 1976 Eska 4 hp motors for sale

    Update...upon further review, I was way off on the original listing. What I actually have is a Clinton 3 hp (k300 3000b 830620) and an Eska 4.5 hp (1974A 57-005683). The best I can figure is that they are 1974-76. The Clinton runs but will need the carb cleaned and possible the needle and seat replaced. The Eska has no spark but has good compression. Will sell both for $100 OBO. Just need them gone.

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