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    Default Need oil/gas mixture ratio

    My dad bought a used boat with a used Mercury 50hp motor last fall. He's now doing the pre-season prep but doesn't have the owner's manual or even the yr of the motor. He does have a serial # (A189329) but asked me to help find a year and the big thing is the fuel mixture ratio. Can anyone help me help him, please?

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    Default Re: Need oil/gas mixture ratio

    It is a 1985 and the mixture should be 50:1
    Bill H PTC USN Ret
    A manual is a cheap investment.

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    Default Re: Need oil/gas mixture ratio

    Thank you very much!
    Now that he knows the yr he'll get a manual.

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    Default Re: Need oil/gas mixture ratio

    Just inherited a 1978 M-800 (80HP) Mercury...it is not frozen (yay)...Need information on fuel type (octane?) and Oil Mix...any old school guys/gals out there?

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