i bought a boat with a 200stlcdr about a year ago. it never ran right, bogged out above idle. got hurt and put the project on hold, until now. while rebuilding carbs, i checked the jets/orifice numbers to see if they where in the right places and found them to be way off the numbers, by checking brp website. that made me check the rest of the part numbers, and found nothing matches the part numbers on the site.
i'm suppose to have;
0398020 & 0398021 carb assemblies with main body casting #398329 & 398575
orifice #20 idle air bleed (position 3 on diagram)
orifice #42 (position 5 on diagram)
main jet #76d

what i have is; (only one carb has part number paper tag on side cover)
0398364 which apears to be 1988-89 part #
body casting number 398743
orifice #32 (pos 3)top 4 carbs
orifice #34 (pos 3)bottom 2 carbs
orifice #35 (pos 5) all carbs
main jet #76d
the orifice #'s don't seem to match any carb in 1988-89

will these carbs work with orifice changes, or should i buy carbs with the correct casting #?
i found some carbs from a 1987 225 TXCUB
orifice #48 idle (pos 3)match 200stl
orifice #14 (pos 5)match 200stl
main jet 62d doesn't match 200stl (74d)
will these work if i can't use the ones i have? if they will, do i need to change orifice sizes to match the 1986 carbs?
thanks for any advice. mike
sorry for the long post.