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    Default Revs too high @ "idle" 2001 BF50

    Strange problem with my motor started happening recently...

    After running at or near full throttle for a while, when I get off plane and put the engine in neutral the engine will rev on it's own from idle speed (900-1000 rpm) to up over 2500 rpm sometimes. It only happens after running for a while at 4000+rpm. Does not do this if I stay off plane and dont bring the revs too high.

    If I leave the boat in gear at idle speed the RPM's will stay low at regular idle speed, but if I take the motor out of gear the revs will build up quickly. IF I let it sit in neutral for 5 mins or so the revs will go back down to regular idle speed.

    This is a real problem when I am trying to drop anchor or when I am trying to dock the boat because the engine revs high in neutral so when I try to throw the engine in gear it really clunks, and I'm starting to worry about the gear linkage and gears themselves.

    The motor also stalls out sometimes if I advance the throttle too fast, like there is a dead spot around 3500 rpm or so. I cannot just slam the throttle to full throttle from idle speed or it will stall out....I have to slowly advance the throttle until I am on plane and then I can put it to full throttle. I'm thinking this may be related to the idle revving issue, like there is a vaccuum leak somewhere or something?

    Any ideas on either of these issues?

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    Default Re: Revs too high @ "idle" 2001 BF50

    Below is a link to a parts illustration of your throttle linkage and dash pot. I'm no expert on this engine but it sounds like you could have something binding or out of adjustment in this area. If not, then you may be correct about having a vacuum leak or your carbs could just be out of sync.


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    Default Re: Revs too high @ "idle" 2001 BF50

    I have the same issue. Was there any conclusion that remedied the situation?

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    Default Re: Revs too high @ "idle" 2001 BF50

    Hi Milo123,

    Maybe this guy never got back because I just clicked on the link I sent him and said "HUH?" He probably thought I was nuts!

    The link below is the link I meant for him to look at. I would be particularly curious about item #41, dashpot. I would think that if that were faulty, it could cause these symptoms.

    However, I say this having never worked on this particular engine, so that is just a guess.

    This could also be caused by one of the carb floats sticking or linkage binding so it may take some thorough investigation to find the reason. I would start with the dashpot.


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    Default Re: Revs too high @ "idle" 2001 BF50

    Thanks for the response. I will check over the linkages as best I can. As for the part you mention, I am up in Desolation Soumd, BC on vacation so getting parts will be a little tuff! If the linkage inspection doesn't turn anything up, I will have to wait a week or so untill I return home. Thanks again!

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