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    May 2011

    Default Need help with stiff throttle

    Hi, I have a 02 Larson 190 with the mercruiser 4.3 V6. The throttle is very stiff. I removed the throttle cable from the remote control panel and the cable moves freely. I tried the remote control lever with the throttle cable disconnected and it is still stiff. Next I removed the shift cable and tried the remote control lever again and it work perfectly. I put both cables back on and it was stiff again, this time with the lever about mid throttle and in forward, I went back to the engine and pushed on the shift cable (towards forward gear). It moved very little but it was enough to release the tension on the shift cable and that allowed the remote control to work freely again until I got back to neutral and back into gear. I did the shift cable adjustment and that all seems well, but the throttle is still stiff unless I push on the shift cable again. Any Ideas how to fix this problem? Thanks.

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    Jun 2006
    Spotswood, NJ, USA

    Default Re: Need help with stiff throttle

    sounds like you need a new lower shift cable.with shift and throttle cables disconnected everything moves freely, a bad lower is alll thats left

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    May 2011

    Default Re: Need help with stiff throttle

    Turns out it was the shift cable from the remote control panel back to the engine. It was just stiff enough to keep pressure on the remote control box shift lever which made the throttle very stiff. Thanks for the input, this is a great forum!

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