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    Post Eska Files - Links to Eska resources online

    Mrcrabs Favorite Eska related Links and Resources

    Eska impeller, fits most single and twin Eska's. Except for the old style tall Clinton type, some late model Eskas use a impeller with a plastic key, make sure you check before you order for proper fitment
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This coil has been found to be well suited to replace the Pulse transformer for the Solid State Ignition on the both the single cylinder Eska and the twin cylinder 9.9 & 15 hp

    We have had excellent results using the Sierra dual coil for the Twin cylinder Ekas, Makes mounting much easier, the Dual ignition coil (Mallory) part # 9-23104 will work equally as well

    Shift shaft seal replacement made easy, The old raidial shaft seal is retained and the OE wiper is replaced by the OMC O ring, a simple brass washer is modified to act as a retainer and glued down or you can drill and tap for a screw, I have found 3M 847 rubber gasket maker makes a excellent glue, you may contact me by Personal Message to MrCrabs for further details,
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Tecumseh carb manual

    This site has free Tecumseh and Eska Manuals, Login: marshall , Password: public

    Best source for Eska parts, just call them.
    For parts inquiries and orders please contact CPC sales department: Phone: (608) 752-9441 Toll Free: 1-800-356-0777 Fax: (608) 752-3528 or Email: [email protected]

    Good Source for Eska parts and a great model year lookup

    Ignition Solutions for Small Engines

    A good supplier of Eska parts

    Lookup parts and diagrams for your Ted Williams and Gamefisher outboards

    I was able to consolidate all of the Sears no. above 217-586 using the search function at sears, these are 1985-86 7.5-15hp
    All Sears Outboards with model numbers 217.586000 and above where built by Eska Outboard in 1985 - 1986. Eska closed and stopped production in 1986.

    To my knowledge Certified parts corp. has acquired whats left of Tecumseh.

    Tecumseh outboard torque values.

    Retrobrad Presents! Electronics Tutorial 1 - Ohm's Law
    Electronics Tutorial


    Submitted by truckintyler

    Tommy Two Stroke, Tecumseh timing procedure for 7.5hp Eska

    Tommy Two Stroke, Speedi-Sleeve

    Tommy Two Stroke, OMC coil update

    Help for DIY Eska igniton related repairs, files & diagrams, this is a private DIY support group only, membership must be approved.

    Ohio River Cats, Youtube Channel some Eska related videos for fun.

    I highly recommend that if you have Solid State ignition issues that can't be resolved by any other means that you contact www.marineengines.com for CDI replacement or rebuild, A New CDI replacement is available for the twin cylinder Eska built , Eska , Seaco, Ted Williams and Gamefisher outboards, CDI part number 110-0958, This is a New part only and no rebuilds are available for the twin http://www.cdielectronics.com/produc...958-610873/CDI
    CDI does have a repair/rebuild service for the Eska single cylinder Solid State Ignition, there are no new replacement stators available for these single cylinder models , There are three models of single cylinder Eska/Sears Solid State Stators, part no. 610759, 610851 and 610906,

    As always I am happy to give advice and help when I can, feel free to PM me here at www.marineengines.com
    Mr Crabs.
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    Thanks for posting all these links. I'm going to make this a "sticky" thread so it always appears at the top of the list.

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    Default Re: Eska Files - Links to Eska resources online

    Tecumseh outboard carburetor rebuild primer

    Well it come's as no surprise to me that so many have had troubles rebuilding the Eska based Tecumseh carburetors due to there deceptively simple design, so simple that at first glance you think this is a “no brainier”. Well its not that easy is it or you wouldn't be reading this primer?

    So lets start with dis-assembly, the first thing here is to make a note, mental of other wise of the orientation of all the parts, you will of course forget what you saw or if your the more unlucky type someone else has been there before you and your carb is out of whack and it makes no difference what you see, so tear into it and don't lose anything.
    Now that we have it scattered on the kitchen table we need to order a kit, they are widely available from from a number of sources but I won't go in to promotions today.
    Regular 87 octane 10% ethanol gas is the best soak/cleaner for the buck, I generally soak a carb over night to loosen the varnish and make cleanup a breeze with even with the worst cases.
    I use a combination of small brushes, fishing line and and ignition wire that I have untwisted to clean the jets....Yes there behind the welch plug and you should have removed that when you disassembled and soaked your carb, give this area special attention and be careful, may “running engine issues” emanate from tiny bits of crude in the jets.
    Now that the pump gas and scrub brush has eaten the paint and varnish from your carb and it looks like brand new its time for the carburetor spray cleaner and compressed air, all that I can say is “every orifice” over and over until your a believer.

    OK, now we have a clean carburetor and kit with welch plug, a float that will not sink....Oh I forgot you need to check that before you buy your kit or pay extra for shipping another part, just hold the float under water and look for bubbles and check for internal sloshing when you do your tear down.
    Now back to the primer, This is the most important and finial part of this primer, you must have instructions! or a Tecumseh engine manual that covers the outboard carburetor, this is the key to your success and there is no other answer or explanation, you will need this to reassemble and you will need to follow it like it was your holy book, it will not lie to you like me, the correct Tecumseh engine manual is open honest and straight forward and easy to follow.

    Be sure to either buy or make the tools that the manual says to use, everything you need to rebuild a Tecumseh carb can usually be found in your own tool box or modified from an existing tool, also double and triple check your work.
    I personally depend on my plastic calipers whenever I go out to my shop or to the parts store...there like a security blanket to me and I never leave home with out them, you shouldn't either

    Consider yourself primed to rebuild your Eska based carburetor, everything you need to know is contained here in.

    Good luck and happy boating,

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