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    Default Universal M12 Thermostat Housing

    I am desperately trying to track down a Universal M12 Thermostat Housing (Universal Part# 301059). It seems it is on permanent backorder (a month to date) directly from Westerbeke and my calls to several Universal Parts suppliers have not turned up anything. Anyone have a recommendation or a good supplier to contact? It's keeping me off the water and absolutely killing me!!

    Still poking around, but have tried marineengine.com, Torresen Marine, TDC Equipment (Westerbeke Distrib.), A.E.R. Supply LTD. (Westerbeke Distrib.), Hansen Marine, Downwind Marine, AtoZ Marine, MarineDieselParts.com, Moyer Marine.

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    Default Re: Universal M12 Thermostat Housing

    After calling every Westerbeke distributor in the US, my local distributor (TDC) called back 2 hours later saying the backordered part was scheduled to ship!

    Thanks anyway!

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