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    Default 1986 Crusader alternator ?

    As I was reinstalling the alternator on a 1986 Crusader 454 I broke off what looks like a condenser about 1 inch long and 1/2 inch diameter. I though, whatever it does it probably has to be grounded or it won't work. I looked at the other alternator on my twin engine tiara and it is broken as well, so I thought maybe it is just a noise suppressor and may have nothing to do with alternator output. It is attached to the REG term and the wire reattaches to the same terminal. Is that a noise suppressor or something that needs fixed or the alternator wont work?

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    Default Re: 1986 Crusader alternator ?

    The capacitor is there for noise suppression, as you suspected. if it looks like the same part used with a point type distributor (silver can with a single lead coming out of one end, on the can's axis) it is a capacitor.

    Yes, it has to be grounded in order to function. The alternator should provide its charging function without the capacitor...the output just won't be "RFI clean" (it will be noisy).

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