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Thread: UNIT

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    Default UNIT

    Hi guys. Just recently purchased a boat,back in the stern be hind aseat i found this unit .on it says reverse lock operation to release tuirn knob to right ,to in gaged turn knob to left,looks like it had hydralic running to it .it also has a solnoid and a motor , anybody have any idea what this unit is called and what was it used for, previous owner has moved. Thanks

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    Yea man that's an old style Mercury power trim pump. They use to mount that inside the transom and run hoses to the rams. The new systems are more compact and the whole assembly fits in the engine bracket and is water tight. If the boat was repowered with a newer engine it might not be hooked up but they just left it there to save the trouble of removing it. It's not hooked to the engine is it? If it is it's YOUR power trim pump. Most of the time they use motor oil instead of hydrolic fluid. It should have a sticker on it that says what kind of oil to put in it. The knob is the manual release in case you need to manually lift the motor and the batery is dead or the system has an electrical failure.

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    Thanks for info.yes it takes motor oil..all the lines are missing .is this unit worth anything to sell,or is it obsolete now thanks.

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    Default Re: UNIT

    Ayuh,... Who knows,..??

    You haven't said What the boat is, or What the motor is, or What the drive is, or What vintage any of it is...

    So, I'll Guess it's obsolete, 'n no longer needed...
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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