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    Default trim tilt wont go up

    Hi yall,
    I'm having this trim tilt problem. I bypassed electrical switches and connected blue and green wires directly from motor to battery trim will go down no prob, will not trim up. Oh yeah I have a 1982 evinrude 90hp. I added trim fluid to reservoir it was a little low. Is my trim motor shot? What should I check next. I'm hoping the hydrolics are ok.

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    Default Re: trim tilt wont go up

    One other thing trim down fine trim up motor just clicks. The motor goes up real slow for a moment then clicks and no movement.

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    May 2006

    Default Re: trim tilt wont go up

    need more details, when trying to trim up, do you hear the motor spinning? Motor has blue and green cables only? Remember, in DC electric motors, inverting connections=inverting direction... and where is the click located, in the motor? need more details if possible

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    Sep 2010
    Jersey Shore

    Default Re: trim tilt wont go up

    If it goes up slowly for a brief time it may be time to change the trim motor.

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    Default Re: trim tilt wont go up

    When i trim up i hear the trim motor clicking but motor doesnt move. What about priming the hydrolic system? I read in evinrude manual pull motor up manually after filling resevior until you cant pull it up anymore. Is there any other method. I just added the fluid and tried to trim with switch. I didnt prime it....


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    Default Re: trim tilt wont go up

    The trim motor is real tight on the back of boat and pushed up to motor bracket not sure i can get it off with motor on boat.

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    May 2006

    Default Re: trim tilt wont go up

    every hydraulic system needs air bleeding procedure to work properly... some are automatic, others not, I have experience in industrial machine hydraulics but I never had the opportunity to work with power trim systems. I do not think your problem is air bleeding related but try to bleed the system, they should have something like the brake calipers on the cars...

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