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    Default Cat 3208 ta Blowing White Smoke

    Can some one give me a best guess. We overheated this motor last year one of the coolant tube broke, between the head and front cover they are plastic. We replaced them and the engine run fine at the dock no overpressure and no smoke. We left the dock started running the motor up herd a low tone pop looked back and was blowing white smoke not bad but enough to notice, smelled anti freeze and looked it was coming out the overflow tube at the surge tank. Back off the thottle and the white smoke really blowing. Can someone give some idea if this is a head gasket or an intercooler problem?

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    The 3208 is not well thought of on the construction side because of cylinder head issues. But, to be sure take the intercooler off and have it pressure tested but, it needs to be submerged in water with pressure on it, dry bench test with soapy water don't cut it.
    My money is on a cylinder head, unfortunatly you need to pull both and have them tested.

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    Default Re: Cat 3208 ta Blowing White Smoke

    Thank for the response. When you say the cylinder head are you refering to the gasket or the head itself?

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    Default Re: Cat 3208 ta Blowing White Smoke

    Sorry to say I'm talking the head/heads them selves. A word of caution.......repaired heads are not worth a....?

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    Thanks, I was affraid thats what you ment. I have found a place that has them in CA. American Cylinder Head inc. They seam reasonable if there is such a thing.

    Thanks again.

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    It sounds like head gaskets or cracked head because you are getting compression into the overflow tank, then sucking in coolanton the intake stroke causing the white smoke. The intercooler won't do that. Pull all 8 inj and pressure ck.cooling system, the cyl. will usaully reveal itself.

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