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    Default Adjusting gear drive linkage on Johnson 2005 90 HP Engine

    How do you adjust the drive linkage on a Johnson 2005 90 HP engine? Shifting is very sloppy.

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    Default Re: Adjusting gear drive linkage on Johnson 2005 90 HP Engine

    Uncertain as to what you need.... centering the shift cable is done as follows. Describe what you mean by sloppy shifting.

    (Centering Shift Cable)
    (J. Reeves)

    When all is as it should be, the proper method to adjust the shift cable is to disconnect the cable from the engine. Move the shift linkage on the engine to find the center of the play in neutral, and when found, leave it centered.

    Now, grab the end of the shift cable sleeve, push and pull it to find the center of the play there, and center that play.

    Adjust the trunion on the threaded portion of the shift cable so that the centered play of the cable lines up with the centered play of the engine's shift linkage. Install and lock the shift cable with the retaining clamp in that position. That's it.

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