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Thread: Mariner 9.9ML

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    Default Mariner 9.9ML

    I have a Mariner 9.9 ML
    Code #682c L
    Ser # 368041
    I have two questions.
    What is the fuel/oil mix?
    What is the year?

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    Sep 2010

    Default Re: Mariner 9.9ML

    Fuel mix is 50:1 -------the motor is a YAMAHA built machine -------------I could look it up using " google " but I think it is somewhere in early 80's.

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    May 2010

    Default Re: Mariner 9.9ML

    A 682ML 368041 is a 1986 manual long shaft Yami/Mariner.
    A 682C is a code 6E7;1981;model 9.9D (Yamaha code).
    682 is also a Yamaha code for 1978 model 9.9B and C is for jet-prop.
    The "c" is kinda' confusing.
    Some manuals call for a 100:1 mix, But everyone says to use a 50:1 mix (I do).

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    Default Re: Mariner 9.9ML

    Thanks racerone and H. I. McDunnough for the great info.
    Next question. Do you know where I can get a users manual for the engine? May also be interested in a service manual.

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    Sep 2010

    Default Re: Mariner 9.9ML

    Top of this page----lots of info------------------Good well built motors, with massive main bearings.

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