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    Default Risers And Exhaust Manifolds Coating

    PPT Offers Riser and Exhaust Manifold That Are Coated... Either in Cast Or Aluminum

    1. has Anyone tried Them ??? Do they Hold Up in Salt water, Or Should I Say Will They ?????

    I Know You Should Not Use Aluminum In salt water But Was Wondering If The Coated Ones Hold Up As Well ..........................

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    Default Re: Risers And Exhaust Manifolds Coating

    Can't speak to the specific PPT-offered parts but can share my experience with Cast iron.

    We got a set of Barr's for each engine they were rebuilt in the last century. due to a wonderful cost sharing arrangement (part of the 'experiment') we had one set done in Alum-i-coat and one set done in Ceram-i-coat, by a nationally known custom exhaust builder's "coating house". Both continue to hold up very well given all their years in the ocean environment. The ceramic-based coating appears to be a better choice, which I believe is due to its inherent 'hardness' over the aluminum product. FWIW, neither coating has remained unscathed in the unjacketed areas around the exhaust ports; the ceramic outperforming the aluminum, again. Finally, we didn't consider coating any of the internal passages.

    I'd be a bit leery of going with aluminum due solely to the difference in CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion). Maintaining a seal, especially at the riser outlet, will be a challenge as more and more heating/cooling cycles accumulate.

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