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    I have a 1987 VIP with the 2.3L Ford OMC Cobra, I have an issue with the ignition and I don't have the funds to switch it to electric just yet so I put the old distributor back on and the points and everything but I think the timing is off. Questions:

    What is the firing order?
    What is the location of the #1 cylinder

    Any other advice on this engine would be great!!


    Nick Hall

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    Welcome aboard ! Maybe you can keep it all in one thread i'm too old to be jumping back and forth between threads.

    You have no manual i gather. Heres the link to the manual free just d/l it. You need after 86'

    omc sterndrive - 4shared.com download free

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    I have the same setup and if it is the mallory distributor, be sure the advance weights under the breaker plate are working right ( hold dist and turn rotor with other hand ) let go of rotor and it should snap back. I had this happen to me three times, each time mallory sent me a new dist. come to find out from a mallory tech that i needed a different weight setup and that fixed it

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