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    Default Optimax Fuel Leak

    Hey guys,

    I have a friend with a 2003 200 HP Optimax that has a large fuel leak. Below is a quick video. The fuel is leaking from under the cover located below the cowling. You can see the leak on the right had side forward of the shaft (next to the trim assy). His boat is on a lift, so I couldn't take off the housing for further investigating.

    I do know there are no leaks under the cowling.

    I know very little about these motors. Any ideas?



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    Default Re: Optimax Fuel Leak

    Mike, unfortunately I am on dial-up service so can't watch your video (don't want to spend 2 hours downloading).

    You say the leak is on the "right hand side" - is that the right hand side from the back of the motor (looking at the prop, which would be referred to as the "starboard" side) or is the leak on the port side.

    On the starboard side you have the mechanical fuel pump, the electric fuel pump/vapour separator and the (majority) of the fuel lines under the hood. On the port side you have the fuel cooler (which cools the fuel that was "leftover" from the fuel rails which is recirculated back to the VST/electric pump.

    Without the "hood off" it's tough to guess - it could simply be a fuel line that has worked itself loose.

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    Default Re: Optimax Fuel Leak

    Possible "stuck open" float in the Vapor separator tank. The low pressure pump may be over filling the vst and the excess is coming out the vent. If this is the case, you can make it leak fuel by pumping the fuel ball with the engine turned off.

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    Default mikemason

    Any diagrams that might help?

    It didn't seem to leak by pumping the ball; only with the motor running. The leak is on the starboard side.

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    Default Re: Optimax Fuel Leak

    Hello, I just post a new threat about this topic I need help I have the exact same problem, will like to know if you solved it. Thanks Luis

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