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    Default Throttle Adjustment..

    After taking my boat out for the first time i noticed that the throttle was not opening up properly, and couldn't get my small boat moving very fast.
    When back at home, i adjusted the linkages so allow for the carb to open up fully, then realized the carb was remaining partly open on idle, not good.
    How can i adjust the throttle to open up fully, but still allow for normal idle?
    After playing with the linkages my only solution would be to re-shape the cam controlling the carb... not a preferred method.
    My engine is a late 70s 45hp 2stroke 2cylinder (single carb)
    Any help is much appreciated

    Cheers, Aidan

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    Join Date
    Dec 2006
    Chaumont Bay, N.y., USA

    Default Re: Throttle Adjustment..

    Ayuh,... Sounds like the control cable is worn internally, not allowing full travel....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Default Re: Throttle Adjustment..

    Think it has full travel buts its not enough. maybe its not the right controller for the engine. mite just have to file the cam down.. or make a new one up

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    Sep 2010

    Default Re: Throttle Adjustment..

    There should be no need to start altering the shape of parts on an old motor.-------------Look carefully for the real problems !!-------------It is in gear ( motor stopped )when you are looking for the full throttle on the carburetor??

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