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    Default Semi Custom ski tower.

    I have been looking at a specific semi custom ski tower from an outfit called Big Air Wakeboard towers. The one that caught my eye was the H20 version. I was planning to ski with the kids at one point but was also interested in mounting some electronics up and out of the way such as a vhf radio,fisfinder,gps,etc. What caught my eye was the two pole design, instead of the two mounting poles being tied into one top piece like many of the units are designed. Also, not saying they are giving them away, but custom built ski towers,radar towers,etc. go for big bucks. (The one that they manufacture is approximately $800.00) What I am attempting to do is this:
    1) Have a place to mount radio,electronics up and out of the way by customizing the unit using the same diameter pipe or adapting some sort of connectors or welding (not sure yet because I need more information but am sure it would work!)
    2) Either having someone tig weld a tray of some sort well up and out of the way so as to be able to reach radio, fishfinder, see gps comfortably etc. (just a little above head height standing up)
    3) Maybe install a bimini top which can be ordered after unit is installed
    4)My boat is now fully restored and have worked very hard on the custom dashboard and space is very limited making it hard to fit electronics without having to be cutting dashboard apart, also creating other issues such as safe place for electronics so they don't get all smashed up. (the dash simply does not have the surface area to do what I want to do!)
    Have any of you guys tried or done anything like this before? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! thanks,Tom
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