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    Default NYC to VT by Hudson

    anyone do this trip? wondering about what the top half of the trip is like. also wondering how i must modify the boat to disable the Y value on the holding tank. Also how do I disable the macerater?

    thx scott

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    Default Re: NYC to VT by Hudson

    Thinking of making pretty much the same trip, myself, as I am close to the Hudson, just a little further up stream, but not planning to all the way to Vermont. Have freinds North of Albany to boat with.

    Just a thought, I believe removing the valve handle / locking handle is OK, legally. Disable the pump by pulling the fuse or disconnecting the wiring harness to it. Just check for yourself, as I am no legal expert, but I am pretty sure that is what is suggested on vessels used in various bodies of water. I believe the purpose is so it can't be "accidently" changed without use of tools / keys. Any wronful discharge would be the result of intentionally and/or manually changing lineup, hence allowing it to happen, making you liable, if caught.
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    Default Re: NYC to VT by Hudson

    If you do make this trip. Please re post to tell me how long it took you take make this trip. Thanks

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    Default Re: NYC to VT by Hudson

    no but sounds interesting can you give me more info about it like distance weather?

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    Default Re: NYC to VT by Hudson

    Sound interesting trip and great sails.

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    Default Re: NYC to VT by Hudson

    Sound interesting!

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