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    Default How do i replace impeller on a 1985 70 hp Evinrude

    I need to know how to disconect the shift rod on a 1985 70hp Evinrude model #AE70tlcos so that i can drop the lower unit to replace the impeller.I have done one on a 1970 9.5 hp Evinrude where i could disconect it by undoing the bottom screw on the shift rod coupling which i could just see when the lower unit dropped down about an inch after i removed the bolts which were holding the lower unit to the exhaust housing,will the same apply here ? I would appreciate your help please...

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    Default Re: How do i replace impeller on1985 70 hp Evinrude

    Look below the carburetors on the port side.--------Remove one screw ( 7/16" socket I believe)-----------remove bolts on bottom end including the hidden one under the trim tab.-------------------DO NOT ROTATE SHIFT ROD !!

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    Default Re: How do i replace impeller on1985 70 hp Evinrude

    Shift rod connection is somewhat different on that model.

    Look closely at the shift linkage on the engine, right where the shift rod enters the swivel point. There is a good size clevis pin that goes thru the linkage rod, remove it. Now simply pushs the engine's shift linkage toward the other side of the engine to disengage the linkage from the lower unit's vertical shift rod. You may need to move the shift lever forward or backward somewhat. To install, reverse the process.

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