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    Default Mercruiser 165

    Can anyone tell me how dependable the mercury 165 4 cylinder is. Motor is in a Reinell Cuddy with hardtop

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    I can tell you htat this is an OUTBGOARD site and that's not one of them. Try the INBOARD site.


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    Answer: Better than the critics say it is, and worse than the cheerleaders say it is! There are unique issues to this engine design which you don't see on many other "marinized" auto blocks. The design of the water pump is a nasty one...driven off camshaft instead of via a belt with seals between cooling system and crankshaft. That needs periodic attention. The charging system is also "uncoventional"...an adaptation of an outboard style crank stator and most of them have been replaced with belt-driven alternators by now. I have that kit available and you'll need it sooner or later. Exhaust manifold and riser setup also unque and dealer price on the pair is around $1200 so make sure that's OK before you jump into the boat.

    Speaking of the manifold you'll find access to the spark plugs rather difficult and many have been left in there 'til the hex heads have completely rotted off.

    The bottom line is that the engine has been out-of-production for two decades now which is way beyond the designed service life of any marine engine. So, if it's been running up to this point it hasn't cheated its original owner or two or three or more repurchasers. The investment has been amortized so don't pour a lot of dough into a 20 or 25 year old boat in any event.

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    Ayuh,... It's the Wosrt excuse for a motor that Mercruiser has Ever built...
    They've been Out of production for over 20 years...
    A part number that's gettin' quite common for 'em is NLA.....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    You asked heres my 2 cents.

    Don"t buy any boat with a 3.7 4 banger. It might be called a 170 or others names.

    Don't buy anything that says omc on the drive ether.

    Anything larger then a 19' 4.3 l or larger.

    Volvo is funny so post back what you find some volvo drives are hard to find parts.

    Me i would tell you stick with merc.

    This is coming from a guy who has a stringer.

    Want a boat won't kill you on gas will pull skiers and fish.

    Say a 19' 92 and newer with a 3.0 L.

    Good luck !

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