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    Default volvo penta ignition switch problem I think??????


    I am having a problem with starting my Reinell 2002 with 5.0GL Volvo Penta. From the ignition I can start it and it will run, but as soon as the key goes back to its normal position after the start procedure the motor dies? The ignition cutout toggle is in place could it have something to do with this or is there something simple happening or I have missed that I am unaware of?? I am new to this boat and engine. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Alternatively whats the easiest way to bypass the kill switch to see if that is the culprit?

    many thanks in advance

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    Default Re: volvo penta ignition switch problem I think??????

    I have experienced electrical problems many times in various boats. The absolute first thing that I do is to clean every electrical connection. I removed every connection (one at a time), lightly sanded it, inspect to wire for corrosion and re-install. Remove every fuse and sand the blades or ends too!

    You said you were new to the boat so it would be high on my list. Regardless on the climate you live in an eight year old boat can have wiring issues. There is a great book called the 12 volt Bible which I consider a great addition to a boating library AND if you do not have an engine manual take a look here and order one http://www.marineengine.com/manuals/volvo/index.html

    Trust me from experience (way too many years since I was a kid and I am 55) I have learned that having the proper manuals on hand and reference books are the best.

    I would not try to bypass a safety switch but I would get a multi meter to check it. Order the manual and get a multimeter and you can be in business the "right way" really soon.

    Good luck with your quest and I like to do things the right way.
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    Default Re: volvo penta ignition switch problem I think??????

    Thanks gotboat, I will folllow your ideas and let you know how It goes.

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    Default Re: volvo penta ignition switch problem I think??????

    You can test most kill switches with a jumper lead.

    Could be the ignition switch itself. I've found it best to probe them with an old test light - the kind that will draw an amp or two. The drawback to using a digital meter is that it places no load on the circuit and may show no issues when there are issues. You can use them exclusively, you just have to mmake the appropriate measurements for the concern at hand.

    If you sand, use a very fine grade. Most marine grade wiring is tinned and it isn't very thick. An aggressive abrasive can remove it really quick.

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    Default Re: volvo penta ignition switch problem I think??????

    Based on your description and assuming the wiring going into the switch and the connections are in good condition, then you most certainly have a broken connector inside the switch. If the kill switch was malfunctioning, you would not be able to start the motor. Depending on the type of switch, you may be able to disassemble it and fix it. Otherwise you will need to replace it.

    You should be able to find the wiring diagram for that switch on the Internet and also get a diagram of what tabs connect at different switch positions. I know that for OMC switches, they are pretty easy to find.
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