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    Default British Seagul year and hp?

    Hello there,
    I have been given a British seagul forty plus and the serial number is:- FP644H8.
    Just wondering the year and hp of this outboard.
    Many thanks,

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    Default Re: British Seagul year and hp?

    August 1968 Forty Plus 2-3hp fuel mix 10:1
    The Seagull HP was vague on most models.

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    Default Re: British Seagul year and hp?

    Thanks for that Seagullkeith

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    Default Re: British Seagul year and hp?

    that engine will be very happy with 20 to 1 mix
    and if you get later carb it can run on 25 or even 30 to 1.
    it wont let you down, and although they smoke and stink and leak a bit of oil now and again,there isnt an engine in the world as reliable as a seagull.
    the impellor dont wear out, its made of hard plastic/bakerlite and only needs replacing if you run the engine in gravel.

    if it falls off the back of your boat then get it back out the water,empty the carb,reprime it and start it.

    if i could get a 50hp version of the british seagull engine i would buy one tommorow, unfortunatly 5hp ws the biggest they
    made in the proper original british seagull engines.
    yours is a whopping 67cc or 4 cubic inches for the usa ....we are talking real power ha ha

    these engines have many admirers from all across the world, and they even have races for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yes british seagulls have been known to flock all over the place, including tha nnual round bermuda challenge !!!!

    there is 2 types of propeller for you r engine, a slow one, and a realy slow one, thats it.
    But it wont let you down and will probably be chuging away when we are all history.
    mine is a 1967,it sat once for 11 years and started on the 3rd pull with the old rotten dirty fuel still in its tank.
    they will run on fuel that other engines refuse to run on.

    they do like you to look at the points about every 10 years and clean them if you want with a small file.
    the spark plug will also need to be changed when you ever remember to get one, normaly about every 5 to 10 years as well.

    if driven realy hard every day and taken to the max revs and speed (almost 5mph) they can get through 1 plug per year)
    but if your plug is orignal it might be one that can come aprt to be re-cleaned !!!!!!

    i done a pimp my float job on my 40 plus and gave it a recoil start mechanism.
    saved losing ropes to start it ha ha and didnt want my childrens fingers near the spinning flywheel of the engine.

    ive had this little beast push 8ft dinghys, 9ft inflatables and a 20ft powerboat ha ha
    i think with a bit of bodgeneering you could fit a different prop and get one to push around 9ft dinghy to 10mph.
    they dont care how heavy the boat is, they just keep on going and going and going.

    you can often find a seagull in a marina or even on the tender of a mega yacht, i would never go too far out to
    sea without a seagull as back up.


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    Default Re: British Seagul year and hp?

    You will damage a British Seagull if you run it on on 20 to 1 if the carb jets have not been converted or if it was made before and 1967 it MUST have 10:1 no matter what or you will damage the bearings. This is what I was told by a former Seagull service tech in England. Also the lower unit takes 140 EP oil. Oddly enough, it is supposed to or is OK if it let's water in. Just check it after every 10 hours of use and change if it gets more water than oil. Lastly they are rated by ft. Lbs of thrust not HP. With 1hp =33ft.lb. The HP rating is an estimate only. British Seagull is the best motor for the world.
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    Default Re: British Seagul year and hp?

    I concur,still have a 1964 thats still running strong

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    Talking Re: British Seagul year and hp?

    Quote Originally Posted by johnnygjr View Post
    I concur,still have a 1964 thats still running strong
    I got a "barn find" as they say. It is a 1968 that is still in the shipping crate and has never been in the water or at the very least has not seen water since 1970!! It is like brand new and I have fallen in love for the 714th time. This time it is a little British Seagull. I couldn't believe what I found!! Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus!!! I got the owners manual also. I couldn't be happier after having junk (some would sy) all my life.e

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