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    Default Help with tilt/trim 1986 60 hp

    Hi, I have a 1986 60 hp 2 stroke mercury outboard serial number: 0B201098 . As of 2 weeks ago the tilt/trim on the motor worked fine, but wouldn't fire so I bought new and replaced the rectifier and stator. I then tried the motor and it fires and runs great. However when I tried the tilt/trim it goes down fine but when it push the button for it to trim up I only get a clicking noise. I tried messing around with the solenoid connections a little bit but that didn't help at all. I was wondering what could be wrong/how I can troubleshoot this problem???? Also wondering if there's a release on the motor to disengage the trim so I can manually raise the motor and where that might be??? I appreciate any advice on the subject.

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    Default Re: Help with tilt/trim

    Sure there is a release on the side of the unit-------Usually requires a couple of turns of the screw with an ordinary screwdriver.--------------------------Rectifier has little / nothing to do with ignition.

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    Default Re: Help with tilt/trim

    Ok thanks, knowing where the release helps, I guess I didn't make my wording clear, the rectifier and stator were just new and added that in case it was important, but I guess not. But if anyone knows what could be wrong why my motor will trim down, but only clicks when I try to tilt it up, what could be wrong? and how could I potentially fix it

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    Default Re: Help with tilt/trim

    Have you tried swapping the up/down cable on the solenoids. If it still only trims down (whilst pressing the up button as you have reversed them) and still not uo, your brushes may be worn out, or worse as in my case the connections to the windings may be stuffed and it might need a refurb.

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    Lightbulb Trim pump for 5.0 L mercruiser alpha 1

    I've got a 5.0 L mercruiser alpha one. Had to replace the pump on mine. Also replaced the two solenoids. Took pictures of it before I tore it down so I know everything is hooked back up correctly. I got it all back in the boat and the pump worked up and down perfectly. A few minutes later I tried to trim up and got nothing. It will trim down. But when I try to trim up I get nothing. No clicking or any noise coming from anything. All wires are intact and everything is tight. After messing with it some more I noticed that the 20 amp fuse was blown. Replaced it and still can't get it to trim up. I can jump the solenoid with a screw driver and it will trim up just fine. Just won't work using the trim switch on the handle. Any suggestions???

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    Default Re: Help with tilt/trim 1986 60 hp

    I had the same problem last summer with a 1987 60 HP Merc. Took the hydraulic pump apart and the motor part of the pump was shot. Bought aftermarket pump from OBB Starters and Alternators for $124.
    OEM part was $700.but is complete but easy enough to do with aftermarket part.

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    Default Re: Help with tilt/trim 1986 60 hp

    Jcm739 you need to post in the mercruiser forum,this is outboard.But if the trim up is working when you jump the solenoid,then the solenoid is bad or a broken wire between the switch and the solenoid

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    Default Re: Help with tilt/trim 1986 60 hp

    The solenoids are cheap and know to fail and especially be intermittant. Wiring from one is wired through the other to give the up/down requirements. They are cheap - repace them bith before you start to dicker with the other stuff.

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