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    Default NEMA 2000 fuel level sensor

    A little help please. I just purchased a Lowrance HDS 10 unit and 2 fuel level sensors. (EP-65R). The instructions that came with the unit tell me I cannot run my analog fuel level gage and the new fuel level sensor on the same sending unit. Anyone have an idea how to run an analog fuel gage and a NEMA 2000 gage at the same time? Thanks

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    Default Re: NEMA 2000 fuel level sensor

    So the Lowrance works off the existing sender? If so, you need to get a dual station sender. It's like an oil or temp sender. There are single and dual station units. If you run two gauges off a single station sender, you will not get an accurate reading. I'm pretty sure Faria makes a dual station fuel sender, but you must make sure its resistance range is the same (ie 33-240 ohms) or your gauge and possily the Lorance won't work right. Find out what you have now. I think this will solve your problem but I would think that Lowrance would be able to help you with this.
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    Default Re: NEMA 2000 fuel level sensor

    A dual station fuel sending unit? never heard of one. My Garmin flow meter/gauge works off the gauges and has a prompt on the Garmin menu as to which ohm sending unit you have.

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    Default Re: NEMA 2000 fuel level sensor

    Thanks guys, I’ve been told the only way they will work is to drill another hole in each of my tanks and install another sending unit. Drilling a gas tank sounds dangerous. Thanks Dave

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    Default Re: NEMA 2000 fuel level sensor

    Again, check with Faria http://www.faria-instruments.com/downloads.php. They specifically mention a dual station sender although I don't see a part number. Give them a call, they are usually pretty helpful.

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    Default Re: NEMA 2000 fuel level sensor

    drilling a hole is a risk. The only absolutely purest safest way would be to fill the tanks with water.
    If you have access to a tank of nitrogen you can fill the tank with it.
    emptying the tank without getting rid of the vapors is even worse.

    Someday, I might actually take the risk on my monel tanks as they dont have a sender unit.

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    Default Re: NEMA 2000 fuel level sensor

    Even if you can find a dual-station fuel sending unit, I believe the gauges must be identical for them to read correctly. Different manufacturers may have different tolerances, and the difference between your Lowrance and analog gauges may make things a little screwy.

    A dual-station sender (if you can find one) might 'work', but you may end up with your analog gauges and the Lowrance reading differently; and there would be no way to tell which is closer to correct (shy of pulling the sender to visually see your fuel level). Or you may get lucky and they work perfectly!

    If you end up adding an extra sender (I would if you want analog AND Lowrance display), might I recommend IISSPRO. Our aluminum tanks have baffles/supports (?), and two different "universal" senders we tried would hit the baffles and flat-out not work. We ended up breaking the top off one just to have a cap to put on the tank! We bought two of the ISSPRO tube senders and love them! No bouncing gauge needle, easy install, and no float to hit anything. Order 1" shorter than your tank is tall.

    but cheaper here:

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