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    Default 2003T Volvo Penta Turbo Diesel with a strange Turbo problem

    I came into a project boat. A catamaran with 2 2003T Volvo Penta Turbo Diesel engines in it. Both motors run good, but 1 motor has an issue with it's turbo.

    Before I bought the boat, 1 motor needed to be rebuilt. In the process the turbo was destroyed and discarded. A new(used) turbo was purchased and installed on the just rebuilt engine. The engine would not run properly. This was the condition when it was sold to me.

    I have determined that the engine actually does run fine, with the turbo removed. This is true because the turbo is blowing air in the wrong direction!! Sucking air out of the head instead of blowing it in! This is where I become lost.

    -Are there different Turbos for a 2003T Volvo Penta Turbo Diesel?
    -Is this the wrong turbo?
    -The way the piping is, I can't just change where the air goes. Is that what I need to do, even if it won't be like the other engine then, and have more elbows & bends, etc?
    -Can I change the impeller?

    please help
    Restless Wind

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    Default Re: 2003T Volvo Penta Turbo Diesel with a strange Turbo problem

    Hmm. You sure it's connected properly, ie, air enters centre of turbo and exits the outlet on perimeter of "snail shell"? DIY rebuild of turbo not advisable due to the rpm's they turn at. Balance is critical.
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    Default Re: 2003T Volvo Penta Turbo Diesel with a strange Turbo problem


    We had the same problem with our twin Volvo Penta TAMD41B engines / turbochargers, after purchasing the boat at a healthy discount we found plenty of issues that needed to be addressed. One of the problems (two) were the turbochargers, so we removed the turbos and sent them out to be rebuilt by a reputable turbo rebuild shop here in NJ. I didnt know this at the time but Volvo does not manufacture the turbos they just OEM the turbochargers from Borg Warner. Sean called me with the bad news, turned out to be damaged turbine manifolds. This may have been caused from water damage from the past owner but we cannot determine 100%. Sean at Scroll Products called and told me the turbine wheel measured 54mm on the exducer, the turbine manifold should measure 55.5mm but the salt damage removed close to 10mm of material from the manifold. He confirmed that all of the strange problems we witnessed are caused by the damaged turbochargers.

    Talk to Sean at Scroll Products, he deals with Marine turbochargers and saved me a small fortune, Volvo wanted $5000 for the set with a core exchange of $800 for the set. Instead, Sean ordered two new Borg Warner turbine manifolds and rebuilt both of the original turbos to specification with new components for less than $2600. In addition both turbochargers were marine coating so this doesnt happen again.

    Scroll Turbo Service moved to a new workshop in Bergen County, Midland Park NJ.

    Scroll Products
    80 Greenwood Avenue
    Midland Park, NJ 07432

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